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The World Engineering Anthropometry Resource (WEAR) is a group of interested experts involved in the application of anthropometry data for design purposes. The members and partners are from around the globe. WEAR is a non-profit organisation registered in Europe.

WEAR is a subscription service that provides search capabilities for more than 150 databases including CAESAR North America and ANSUR. Being able to search raw data and customize your search criteria to create and combine your own data sets is really valuable. Further, WEAR allows the visualization of 6,000 body scans from more than 2,000 subjects and downloadable 1D and 2D. The 3D data set can be purchased separately. Please note the body scans are very high quality and have matching landmark files. They also have corresponding 1D data measured using traditional techniques that meet the quality standards of ISO, CAESAR North America and ANSUR. 

Click here for a list of what you would get if you purchase the 3D data set. Purchase is 1,000 Euros or 500 Euros for WEAR members (plus postage and handling). To purchase go to:Purchase Data. If you are not a member currently and want to purchase at a discount you must first join WEAR or the non-member price will be charged. Click here to Join WEAR 

Click here to download the brochure

A WEAR meeting and workshop 

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WEAR Customer Survey 2021

WEAR is planning to combine all of our survey access features into our home page at bodysizeshape.com.

To have your say about WEAR membership features and the WEAR website, please view the 'WEAR Customer Survey 2021 - Have Your Say' blog post below.

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