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Purchase WEAR 3D Data Set

Click here for a list of what you would get if you purchase the WEAR 3D Data Set. Purchase is 1,095 Euros or 595 Euros for WEAR members.

The 3D data is more than 33GB and will be posted to you on an external hard drive or USB stick by express post from Australia.

Please provide your name and postage instructions so that we may deliver the USB stick to you.

Allow time for postage to your county.


  1. Can we download a representative scan sample?  We will send you a USB stick to your address containing the full WEAR 3D Data Set. We are only able to provide one scan sample to registered members at this time online. Please see our 'sample scan' link for a 3D view of a WEAR 3D scan.
  2. What is the difference between your US scans and the ones from the CEASAR dataset?  It is the same data, just organized and packaged in a way that we feel is easier to understand.  SAE owns the name CAESAR so we do not use that name.  
  3. Is there a registered version of the 3D-dataset that could be used in a PCA shape space analysis?  It is not registered and each scan file has a different number of points.  You will have to do that yourself.  It does have 3-D landmarks associated with each scan that can help with registration.  Allen, Curless and Popovic have a report about how to do this, as does Anguelov et al.  They used this same data set.
  4. Can the dataset be used in a commercial project?  Yes.  Once you have it you can do anything you like with it.
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