World Engineering Anthropometry Resource


WEAR meeting Banff

31 July 2007 - 1 August 2007

Second international WEAR conference.


3D anthropometric data collection

Hein Daanen, Frans Nennie, Marc Rioux

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3D Shape Representation and Analysis of the Human and Analysis of the Human Body and Ontology for Body and Ontology for Anthropometric LandmarksAnthropometric Landmarks

Afzal Godil

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Anthropometrics Research to Develop Respirator Fit Test Panels

Ziqing Zhuang

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Body Shape Browser based on homologous body modeling

Masaaki Mochimaru, Makiko Kouchi

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Comparing Samples from Different Countries for Key sizing Dimensions

Youngsuk Lee, Kathleen Robinette, Daisy Veitch

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Consistent Parameterization and Principal Component Analysis of 3D Anthropometry Data

Chang Shu, Pengcheng Xi, ZouhourBen Azouz

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Constrained Virtual Tailoring from Anthropometric Data, 3-D Shape and Data Mining

Eric Paquet, Herna L Viktor, HongyuGuo & Isis PeñaSanchez

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Determining foot shape and size for boot last design

L Mac Duff, K Bredenkamp, H Nolte

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Development of the AFRL CAESAR Web User Interface

Huaining Cheng, Steve E. Mosher, Mark S. Boehmer, Dr. Kathleen M. Robinette

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Dimensions of anthropometry: convention or expansion

Shrawan Kumar

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Lifelike Apparel Mannequins from 3-D Human Data

Daisy Veitch

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Principles of Fit to Optimize Helmet Sizing

Catherine Harrison Kathleen M. Robinette

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Quality Control of Anthropometric Databases

M. Kouchi, M. Mochimaru

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Johan F.M. Molenbroek, Roger Ball Ass

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The Fit and Quality Study from Distribution Services

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The use of an on-line anthropometricdatabasesystem for morphotype analysis and sizing system adaptation for differentworld market apparel sportwear

Régis Mollard

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Worldwide Engineering Anthropometry Resource

Kathleen M. Robinette

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