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WEAR Customer Survey 2021 - Have Your Say

27 Jul 2021 1:26 AM | Schonn-Pierre Hirst (Administrator)

WEAR is planning to combine all of our survey access features into our home page at bodysizeshape.com.

To help us identify features of WEAR membership that will be useful to you, please click on the link below to give your feedback and suggestions using the WEAR Website Update Survey Google Form.


If you do not wish to click on this link, the survey questions are also listed at the end of this blog post. Please send an email with your responses to daisy.veitch@gmail.com, or provide your feedback in response to this blog post.

We look forward to receiving your survey responses by email, in response to this blog post, or through the WEAR Website Update Survey Google Form.

WEAR Website Update Survey

WEAR is planning to combine all survey access features into the WEAR website at www.bodysizeshape.com.

WEAR charges for access to survey data solely for the purpose of maintaining the data, maintaining the WEAR website and distributing the data. Because we want to continue to maintain the data and allow access to people who can't afford a full membership we are considering some data access alternatives and we want to know what you would find useful as a WEAR member.

WEAR does not yet have a method for allowing users to download 3D scans, so we distribute this data on USB drives which incurs additional costs. Any 3D scans made accessible on the WEAR website would only be samples as part of free access data.

Please help us to understand what you would find useful as a WEAR member by completing this quick 7 question survey.

Which types of WEAR memberships would interest you?

  • Premium 800 EUR per year membership with free access to all data, forums, and lectures including 3D scans
  • Full membership for 300 Euro per year with free access to all forums, and lectures and all data except 3D scans
  • Half-price (150 Euro) membership with free access to forums & lectures and access to 3 datasets of my choosing per year (excluding 3D scans) for free
  • Student 50 EUR membership with read-only access to forums, and lectures and access to one dataset for free (excluding 3D scans) and additional data for 20 Euro fee per item
  • Other:

How would you prefer to download data from WEAR survey data sets?

  • I would like to download all data from a survey to filter and process myself.
  • I would like to filter the dataset and download summary statistics (e.g. means, standard deviations, and percentiles)
  • Other:

Which of the following would you be interested in as features of WEAR membership?

  • Online forum to share knowledge and tools
  • Lecture series
  • In-person annual meeting
  • On-line annual meeting
  • None of the above
  • Other:

Some people are creating open source tools for using anthropometric data. Would you be interested in any of the following:

  • Automated tool for importing 3D scans from a survey into Blender and taking standard pose screenshots
  • Automated tool for point picking and aligning 3D scans in Blender to create overlay visualisations
  • Automated tool for importing body landmark data and 3D scans from a survey into Blender and overlaying them
  • Instructions for doing PCA or stepwise discriminant analysis using SPSS
  • Instructions for weighting a sample using SPSS
  • Instructions for creating anthropometric bivariate charts and summary statistics using Excel
  • Instructions for calculating z-scores for an individual using Excel
  • None of the above, not interested in tools
  • Other:

Please let us know any other features you would find useful as part of WEAR membership.

Do you consent to WEAR contacting you about your survey responses?

If you consent to WEAR contacting you regarding your feedback, please enter your name and email address below.

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