World Engineering Anthropometry Resource


International Joint Conference on
Anthropometry and Fit

June 24-25, 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Have you ever wondered about trying to make sure the sizing of your designs fit the maximum number of people? Do you know the size and shape of your target market? Just where is the Average Person?

 If so, come to the ASTM / WEAR Toronto 2014 Joint Conference and find the answer to these and many other questions from a group of internationally recognized experts in engineering anthropometry from various parts of the world.

ASTM has a long recognized history of collaboration of industry professionals in their fields for the development of international standards. The D13 Textiles Committee, for example, is celebrating their 100 years as a Committee in January 2014 in .


WEAR, founded in 2002, has held Conferences in Australia, Brazil, Canada, United States, Europe (Netherlands and France), New Zealand, China, , and Japan. The joint ASTM / WEAR Conference in Toronto, Canada is a rare opportunity for having a group of international speakers on your doorstep. Hear how international professionals are applying the latest state of the art applications and technology to real and processes.

Topics covered will include:

  1.  Sizing surveys
  2.  ASTM Committee work
  3.  WEAR
  4.  Tools for 1D and 3D sizing                            
  5.  Development of sizing standards
  6.  International sizing efforts
  7.  CAD tools for apparel industry
  8.  Fit Mapping techniques
  9.  Designing for Performance products & activities
  10.  Statistical tools for sizing


Additional benefits include:

  1. 1 Year Discounted WEAR Membership Attendees can join WEAR for 12 months for US$320 (usual price $400USD or 300 Euros).
  2. Free Access to D13.55 Body Measurement for Apparel Meetings Attendees can also participate in the Technical Committee Meetings for the D13.55 Subcommittee (and other D13 Subcommittee meetings of interest). ASTM Membership not required. (ASTM Membership only $75 annually)
  3. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) - Attendees may to improve knowledge in Engineering Anthropometry for CEU credit.
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