World Engineering Anthropometry Resource



  1. Describe the parameters of a world-wide, web-based anthropometric resource.
  2. Build an engineering anthropometric resource that ….
    • is accessible to users of different levels and numbers
    • provides access to accurate and current datasets
    • provides quick access and a platform for analysis
    • provides tools to store, search, retrieve and analyse data
    • provides material on educating the user on the analysis and application of anthropometric data for design purposes


Status Quo of anthropometric databases

  • Time consuming and costly to find, access and analyse appropriate reliable data for design query
  • Raw data often not available
  • Often only summary statistics are published
  • International sources of data are not always known
  • Quality of data cannot be always be assured
  • Analysis tools and knowledge of their appropriate use may be limited to a few experts


  • Product design
  • Clothing design and size allocation
  • Footwear and headgear design and sizing
  • Furniture design
  • Workstations and workspaces
  • Evaluation of the accommodation of a user population
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Vehicles

Additional information


Additional websites:

  • WEAR in Japanese
  • Procrustica, an online tool for visualizing human shape variability, developed at the National Research Council of Canada (temporary URL)
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