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Purchasing a 3-D printer

03 Sep 2013 3:18 AM | Daisy Veitch (Administrator)
We are planning to purchase some 3-D printers. They are getting awfully cheap now. Does anyone have any tips for purchasing a 3-D printer? Or any experience with specific 3-D printers? We would love it if you could comment below and give us some tips if you have any!


  • 04 Sep 2013 12:21 AM | Davsum
    Hi Daisy, Here in Adelaide we have a place called FabLab on the second floor at the Adelaide College of the Arts. http://fablabadelaide.org.au/about-us-2/about-us/ I had planned to visit their space and find out what expereiences led them to the printer they purchased. Also I have bookmarked for future reference, Cubify 3D printers. http://cubify.com/cube/printers.aspx?tb_cube_printers I don't know what they are like but they have budget starter models.
    Has anyone else had experience with these? I would love to know.
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  • 10 Sep 2013 5:29 AM | johan molenbroek
    i just saw a promissing startup company Leapfrog by one of our Tudelft students. He developed a plug an play system. see more on https://www.lpfrg.com/
    I did not try it myself on this machine. we have several in our faculty industrial design engineering www.ide.tudelft.nl and I saw my graduate student use a great variety of 3D printing outdoor because of time and size and cost. The largest one was a marine toilet for http://www.vetus.com/ that was printed from plaster in 4 parts and glued together. after spraying paint on it, it looked liked a ready to sell toilet and that was the purpose.the largest one I heard of is in Amsterdam where an architect wants to print a complete house. summary: it is a rapid growing market, depending on size, material, costs, shipment. I expect we will all have one at home soon in a few years like we now have our 2d printers and will print our small things like presents, coffee mugs, jewellery,toys
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    • 10 Sep 2013 9:47 AM | Anonymous
      Thanks Johan. That's interesting. And also thanks David for the flipbook - that is a really interesting read
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