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Accommodation in coach

18 Dec 2013 4:41 PM | Kath Robinette (Administrator)
There are a few websites the publish aircraft seat dimensions but that isn't enough to really capture the discomfort for my body type.  The shape of the seat pan and back are factors, the cushioning, the angle of the back etc.  What do you think about publishing individual reviews of different aircraft & flights like we do for items we buy on the internet?  When I see a review of a garment I am considering purchasing I like to know if the reviewer is like me or not so I love it when they describe themselves.  Some companies have a checklist where the reviewer identifies age, size, and personal preferences.  We could create an website with links to flights and even seats on flights with reviews like that.  Maybe we could make it profitable to improve the seats that way.  Thoughts?


  • 20 Jan 2014 12:20 AM | Anonymous
    I like the idea. Perhaps we could start by adding measurements of the aircraft seats when we fly in this blog? for example I flew Qantas recently - economy class. The distance between the middle of my left and right armrests was 17.5 inches. Was this what you were thinking or something different?
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